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The acronym ATA is a combination of French and English terms "Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission."

First encountered temporary importation?

Your company is engaged in the production of goods, technology, services, and once you encounter terms such as "temporary import", "temporary export"?

If you participate in international exhibitions, conferences, presentations or you are planning the meeting abroad with foreign partners, to demonstrate product samples or expect supply of professional equipment for testing you need a customs procedure of temporary import or temporary export.
As you see, there are many situations when you need to carry out the procedure of temporary import.

Each situation is unique and consists of many nuances that is why personal approach is essential:

  • the nature of the goods;
  • purpose of import/export;
  • classification of the goods;
  • identification of the goods;
  • payment of customs charges;
  • the guarantee of payment of customs charges;
  • the payment of royalty;
  • non-tariff regulation, etc.
We will help you to understand the customs legislation, and prepare all the necessary documents to expedite the process of customs clearance.